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1958 Chico Viola Awards I

Maysa was actually spelt with a Y; Nelson Gonçalves, Morgana and Ângela Maria, the biggest radio & TV stars in Brazil in 1958.

This is the list of 1958's best selling singles:

1. Chega de saudade                       João Gilberto                         Odeon
2. Interesseira                                  Anísio Silva                           Odeon
3. Eu não existo sem você                Sylvia Telles                          Odeon
4. Marcha dos campeões do mundo  Oswaldo Rodrigues                Odeon
5. Bom dia, café                               J.Catarino e sua Banda          Odeon
6. Torero                                          Renato Carosone                   Odeon                              

7. Diana                                         Carlos Gonzaga                       RCA
8. Escultura                                    Nelson Gonçalves                    RCA
9. Nôno mandamento                      Cauby Peixoto                         RCA
10. Divino Espirito Santo                  Torrinha & Canhotinho              RCA

11. Love me forever                         The Playings                            RGE
12. Meu mundo caiu                        Maysa                                    RGE
13. Da banda de lá                          Dupla Ouro & Prata                  RGE

14. Sereno                                     Paulo Molin                              Mocambo
15. Ay cosita linda                          Carlos Argentino                       Seecco-Mocambo
16. Cachito                                     Doris & Rossie                         Mocambo
17. Serenata do adeus                     Morgana                                 Copacabana
18. Lampeão de gas                        Inezita Barroso                        Copacabana

19. Tequila                                      Sylvio Mazzucca                      Columbia
20. Cabecinha no ombro                   Alcides Gerardi                        Columbia

21. Minha mágoa                              Cascatinha & Inhana               Todamérica
22. My special angel                         Nilza Miranda                          Chantecler
23. Nel blu dipinto di blu                    Domenico Modugno                 Sinter

Saturday, 17 January 1959 at 9:00 PM Teatro Record was inaugurated. It was a TV Record's newest auditorium on Rua da Consolação, in São Paulo, Brazil

1. Odeon [6]
2. RCA [4]
3. RGE [3]
4. Mocambo [3]
5. Copacabana [2]
6. Columbia [2]
7. Todamérica, Chantecler, Sinter [1]

N.B.: 'Torero' was performed at the night of the Awards by band-leader Hector Lagna Fieta.
'Cachito' was performed at the night of the Awards by singer Renato de Oliveira.
'Nel blu dipinto di blu' was performed at the night of the Awards by singer Helio Paiva.

João Gilberto with his guitar and his wife Astrud in the background.

The first year of what would become a prestigious award was the very introduction of ‘Chega de saudade’ that later would become the first Bossa Nova song.  João Gilberto's single shot to number one in the charts after it ‘caught up’ especially in São Paulo where it was plugged on the radio by DJ Walter Silva in his popular show ‘Pick up do Pica Pau’ [Woody Pecker’s pick up].

Sylvia Telles & her husband Candinho at Copacabana in 1955.

Talking about bossa nova Sylvia Telles who was fast becoming BN’s number one female singer sold enough of Tom Jobim’s ‘Eu não existo sem você’ (I don’t exist withou you) to earn a Chico Viola on the stage of Teatro Record.

Antonio Carlos Jobim AKA Tom Jobim as one-third of Bossa Nova's inventors.

Apart from the appearance of soft-voiced singer João Gilberto, 1958 was a common year with its share of boleros and mellow-sambas [samba-canções].  An Italian song went all the way up to the top with ‘Nel blu dipinto di blu’ [Volare] like everywhere in the globe.

Soft-rock also called rock-ballads as Brazilian Nilza Maria’s ‘My special angel’ kept on popping here and there, both in English or in Brazilian translations also known as ‘versions’ like ‘Diana’ done by Carlos Gonzaga who outgunned ‘Diana’s original singer song-writer Paul Anka.

Peroxide blonde Morgana takes plaintive ‘Serenata do Adeus’ [Adieu’s serenade] to number one and receives the horable Chico Viola prophy.

As Brazil was Football’s World Champions in 1958 up there in Sweden, record companies relased a batch of songs praising the event. Here we have ‘Marcha dos Campeões do Mundo’ [World Champion’s March] performed by Oswaldo Rodrigues, released by Odeon.

Standing from left to right: Djalma Santos, Zito, Bellini, Nílton Santos, Orlando & Gilmar;  in front: Garrincha, Didi, Pelé, Vavá, Zagallo and masseur Mário Américo. Brazil beat Sweden 5 x 2.
Pelé breaks down and cries on Gilmar's shoulders after the victory.
The King of Sweden greets Pelé - being looked at by Zico & Zagalo.

Rural Brazilian music was also represented in ‘Divino Espirito Santo’ [Divine Holy Ghost] with duo Torrinho & Canhotinho released by RCA that had a respectable stable of rural music acts in their roster and also Cascatinha & Inhana’s ‘Minha mágoa’

Cascatinha & Inhana's gorgeous smiles...

This year we have seen folk music [musica folclórica] with Inezita Barroso singing ‘Lampeão de gaz’ [Gas lamp post] a tune about urban São Paulo in the late eighteen hundreds.

Latin american rhythms were hot this year with ‘Tequila’ done by Brazilian Sylvio Mazzucca’s big band and ‘Ay, cosita linda’ with Carlos Argentino.

Carlos Argentino aka Israel Vitenszteim Vurum born in Buenos Aires in 1929. 

No doubt Odeon’s Anisio Silva was number one bolero singer for a couple of years and took ‘Interesseira’ [you're fulll of desguise to cheat me...] what an awful title. He complains publicly about her being a no good SOB and thinks only about herself.

In the novelty category we had duo Dupla Ouro e Prata’s ‘Da banda de lá’, a composite quasi-country humourous tune. Both Miguel Angelo Roggieri and Oswaldo Cruz sang and played the guitar. Roggieri was also a songwriter. 

Dupla Ouro & Prata sang tongue-in-cheek.

Serious sexual-desire-followed-by-extreme-guit is well represented in Cauby Peixoto’s ‘Nono Mandamento’ [Ninth Commandment]. For those who don’t remember the complete set of  Moses’s Law it is: ‘Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour's wife'.   

Some of Brazilians biggest stars on a card album.

Nelson Gonçalves who had been RCA's top seller for a few years takes 'Escultura’  [Sculpture] to numer one. ‘Escultura’ is actually the dream-fantasy of a man who starts daydreaming about what he thinks is a perfect woman. He imagines her as pure as the Virgin Mary, as enigmatic as Giocanda, as sensual as Frinea, as glamorous as Du Barry, as noble as Madame Pompadour. In the end of the dream he comes right up to his current lover... which means he was a lucky man!

The best seller of the year is undoubtedly Alcides Gerardi's 'Encosta sua cabecinha no meu ombro' [Put your little head on my shoulder]. Mind you, even though the title is similar to Paul Anka's 'Put your head on my shoulder' it is an utterly different song. Anka's song would only appear in 1959 anyway. 

band leader Sylvio Mazzucca.
Nilza Maria proudly holds her Chico Viola for her 'My special angel' recording for Chantecler. I apologize for the size of the photo but I could not get a bigger one.
 Maysa receives her Chico Viola in 1950, according to Folha Press. 


1. Chega de saudade [Antonio Carlos Jobim-Vinícius de Moraes] – João Gilberto
2. Interesseira [Bidu Reis–Murilo Latini] –  Anísio Silva
3. Eu não existo sem você [Antonio Carlos Jobim-Vinicius de Moraes] – Sylvia Telles
4. Marcha dos campeões do mundo [Alfredo Borba] – Oswaldo Rodrigues
5. Bom dia, café [Victor Simon] – J.Catarino e sua Banda
6. Torero [Carosone-Nisa] – Renato Carosone

7. Diana [Paul Anka; v.: Fred Jorge] – Carlos Gonzaga
8. Escultura [Adelino Moreira-Nelson Gonçalves] – Nelson Gonçalves
9. Nôno mandamento [Raul Sampaio-René Bittencourt] – Cauby Peixoto
10. Divino Espirito Santo [Canhotinho-Torrinha-folk collected by Thalma de Oliveira] – Torrinha & Canhotinho

11. Love me forever [G. Lynes-B. Guthrie] – The Playings
12. Meu mundo caiu [Maysa]  – Maysa
13. Da banda de lá [Peteleco-Irvando Luiz] – Dupla Ouro & Prata

14. Sereno [Aloísio T. de Carvalho]  – Paulo Molin
15. Cachico [Consuelo Velasquez] – Doris & Rossie
16. Ay cosita linda [Pacho Galán] – Carlos Argentino

17. Serenata do adeus [Vinícius de Moraes] – Morgana
18. Lampeão de gas [Zica Bergami] – Inezita Barroso

19. Tequila [Daniel Flores] – Sylvio Mazzucca & Orquestra
20. Cabecinha no ombro [Paulo Borges] – Alcides Gerardi

21. Minha mágoa – Cascatinha & Inhana
22. My special angel [Jimmy Duncan]– Nilza Miranda
23. Nel blu dipinto di blu [Modugno-Migliacci] – Domenico Modugno

Meanwhile in Long Beach, California, U.S.A., Adalgisa Colombo, Miss Brasil 1958 was the secondo most beautiful woman in the Universe... oh! what a feeling!

  Miss Brazil 1958 - Adalgiza Colombo.
Miss USA 1958, Miss Universe 1958 Luz Marina Zuluaga & Miss Brazil 1958.

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